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Ben Garratt
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Ben Garratt Hit and Miss isn't just my favourite song on this album, it is my favourite song of all time, period. The rest of the album is great, but the opener is in a class of its own. I just wish it wouldn't take so long for new material to appear, Au4 are so underrated but make incredible music. Favorite track: Hit and Miss.
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released April 1, 2006



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Au4 Vancouver, British Columbia

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Track Name: Hit and Miss
Summer. fall.
Winter. spring.
Life’s a song,
We sing.

The sun was yours.
The moon was mine.
We chased each other,
Across the sky.

Was hit and miss,
But loving you,
Was my eclipse.

Summer. fall.
Winter. spring.
Love’s a song,
We sing.

All are slow,
And out of tune.
But this song was,
All for you.

One day we’ll all go home.
Track Name: A Mile from Here is a Hole Where I Buried your Love
A mile from here I made a hole,
And that’s where I buried your love.

I left it there under the earth,
And I swear I'll never return.
Track Name: Everything Always Moving
Everything always moving.
Uncertain situation.
I think I see you hiding,
But all of these waves will find us.

Mountains of emotion,
Melt into the ocean.
Ecstasy rain clouds forming,
Raining on all this 'broken.'

Tree of disillusion,
Soaking up water heaven.
Fruit of forever growing.
Everything always moving.

Summer's setting.
I love you love me.
Autumn's falling.
Wonder where we're going.

Winter's lonely.
Holding you holding.
Spring is rising.
I knew you would find me.

Everything moves.
Track Name: An Ocean's Measure of Sorrow
Ever beneath an ocean sky,
Starlight through water passing by.
Lying upon the ocean floor,
Staring above to deep blue more.

Forgot my name and who I was.
Memories of nothing floating up.
All of the sorrow we once knew,
Colours the ocean's water blue.
Track Name: The Tree that Lived and Died Right Before My Eyes
Miracle, made this seed of mine,
Grow tall.
A tree so strong. Its all around me now.

But every little thing I do,
Is poison to these tender roots.
The ways I try to make it grow,
The branches break and leaves will blow.

New rain.
Waterfall, made this tree of mine,
Grow apples.
Flowers fall. They’re all around me now.

Life is gone. This tree of mine,
Is just hanging on a hope.
You say if I
Really want the leaves to show.
On it’s own. Leave it alone,
And just let it grow.
Track Name: Paper Cuts from Paper Butterflies
Sun rise… let it.
Can't do anything about it.
But you know I would never,
Over these subtle cries, ever admit it.

Love dies deader,
Deader than ever I could ever,
As soon as I, story teller,
Start telling the stories about the ways I die.
Track Name: Of Dreams
The stories she told me of long ago,
Started with love and ended in sorrow.
The peaks of the mountains disappear,
Eroded by heartbreak and all her tears.

It started one Sunday afternoon,
Intoxicated by flowers bloom.
I fell asleep by the big maple tree.
That's where she said she saw me.

Spirits recognize from previous lives,
The love we share; the passion we refuse to hide.

We made love in the subtlest of ways.
Rain clouds so very far away.
Time as abundant as the blue sky.
I'd live forever she was the reason...

...Why count the days when tomorrow will only be the
Same pure heaven, Oh your lovin’,
Paves the roads with solid gold.
Never makes me want to return...

...Home is of a different world. Lucid dreams are flooding me.
Fantasy and earthquake.
There's only so much one can take,
Before they slip and then begin to...

...Break. I don't want to fall away from here. So full of fear,
But gravity pulls me back to reality.
Nothing’s ever as it seems,
when our minds are full of dreams.
Track Name: One Thousand Rivers Flowing Further and Further Away
A thousand rivers flowing,
Further every day.
Each it's own direction,
Carry me away.

Lost beneath the current,
Muscle skin and bone.
A thousand little pieces,
Floating on their own.

Parts were seen a drifting,
Through valleys deep and wide.
Others through the meadows,
And some they couldn't find.

Of all my lonely pieces,
The only one I knew,
This broken little heart of mine,
Was floating back to you.