Over the Edge It Goes

from by Au4



(Verse One)

All the pieces that I have
Of everything that I am,
I stash away inside
This shiny small, empty little box of mine.

And when I put it there
It disappears in thin air,
To keep it safe from you
From him, and her,
From all of us and even me too.

(Verse Two)

One day I found a beam
Of sun intended for me,
In arms I held it close
But smothered it and drowned it out in doing so.

And so I opened up
The box to store all I love,
Inside I hid it well.
Now there's nothing to show and even less,
There's nothing to tell.


So many of the small things lost
Already in the box I've got.
Put it in and there's no finding
It has a way of forever hiding.

Bits and pieces of a makeshift man
Thrown together like a heap of sand.
All the sympathies and double-crosses
The water comes and then away it washes.

Keep it real and keep it clean
And think of everything I've ever seen.
All the parts of me that I remember
Are reconstructions of the 'who I wish I were'.

All the purities are better saved,
Any innocents that might remain,
Ever gone, forever out of contact.
The little box I have will never give it back.


Over the edge it goes, further into…
No one knows.


from .​.​.​And Down Goes The Sky, released April 1, 2013



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